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Hey there. Thanks for stopping in. Before you decide to hire me to document some of the most important moments in your life, I want to share a bit about myself so we'll actually know each other a bit more by the time I have the chance to meet your beautiful family. 

I'm a firey red head with a bold sense of independence, a passion for advocacy for those that cannot, a lover for all things creamy and chocolatey and can find a reason to put salsa on anything. I drink both tea and coffee, depending on my mood, and likely three cups at a time. I have too many pairs of sun glasses, jeans, and hair brushes and can never find a matching sock. I am a lover of jazz and operas and feel complete when there are flowers on my window sill. I have beautiful people in my life and I am incredibly blessed and inspired by all of them. I have big ideas and usually drive people crazy until I put my vision to life, but I always make it happen. I LOVE love. I love to give love, it fuels me. I love to be loved, it lets my dreams out. I love new love old love and true love. That's why I do what I do. I need to share my view of love with you, and tell your story through my lens while providing you with artistic candid photographs of all the little moments that mean so much to your family story. I provide personal service, high energy, a fun and easy working relationship and long lasting quality in all of my work. I also usually develop great friendships with my clients, which I adore. 

I am also the mother of two handsome boys in their twenties, and an amazing seven year old little girl, all of whom stole my heart. I have been blessed to watch them grow and enjoy the grace of growing along side them as a mother, and woman every single day. I look through photographs of all the cherished moments I've captured in their lives and it touches me deeply, reliving memories each and every time. That is simply my goal for you... to bring you that same experience of love and joy of those who have your heart in this very short life of ours. 

Marcie xo


Photographer for:

'The Wedding Planner Magazine GTA'

'B City Magazine'

Official Photographer for 'Momstown Mississauga' 2013-2015

Published in:

'Today's Bride Magazine 2012'

'Wedding Trends 2014'


The Wedding Industry Experts Awards 

2014 for Most Popular Photographer (Mississauga) & Most Popular Studio (Misssissauga and Ontario)! Ranked in the TOP HALF for both categories Nationally and Internationally!


'BEST PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO' 2013 {Wedding Industry Experts} - placing in the top 5 in Mississauga and top 10 in Ontario and Canada

'BEST NEW PHOTOGRAPHER' in the City of Mississauga, Province of Ontario and Canada {Wedding Industry Experts} - placing in the top 3 in Mississauga, top 10 in both Ontario and Canada


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