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Family Documentary Sessions

BUT WAIT?! What is a 'Family Documentary Session, and why do I need that?1... Isn't that almost like a 'Lifestyle' photo shoot? NOPE!

Let us explain... Family Documentary Photography is shot in non portrait REAL LIFE MOMENTS - think documentary, journalistic and artistic. Family Documentary Photography can often be confused for Lifestyle Photography, which still has controlled elements by the Photographer such as wardrobe, lighting, the moving of objects etc. In our Family Documentary Sessions, we do not adjust anything from a curtain for more light right down to a sweet little dribble of chocolate milk on the tummy of your toddler. We . Just . Capture . You. 

If you're a Mama of three and wish to capture the beautiful moments tucked inside the creases of your hectic day or you're a family of five who has a grandparent visiting from out of town and want to capture those sweet glances and subtle touches between generations - Family Documentary photography can save these precious 'real' moments so that you can freeze time and look back on day when their personalities were coming to life!

Trust us to capture crazy love-filled, tiring, moments of growing, tears and lost socks kind of days! The small life moments that connect us together in family and in love and make us who we are! 

What do you have to do? NOTHING! No cleaning, no selecting wardrobes and no fussing over travel or coaching your little ones for the best smiles! Book your session and we'll do the rest!

Our studio offers several forms of Documentary Photography:

ALL sessions include:

  • Travel within the GTA and surrounding areas
  • Copyright permission to your images
  • Final digital image product, high resolution, fully retouched
  • Online presentation for social sharing
  • A fly on the wall (me - your photographer)

A day at home $700

  • 4 hours of coverage during your most crazy (or fun depending on how you view it) part of the day!
  • Includes a 16x20 wall canvas 

Family Dinner Table $500

  • 2 hours of coverage 30 min cook/1 hour eat/share/love/30 min clean up (food tossing to a minimum and laughing to a maximum please :) 
  • Includes a 16x20 wall canvas 

A Birthing Story $1,095

  • Intimate, respectful, documentary style coverage of the active portion of your labour journey and two hours after. 
  • Includes a small look book album for the nursery 

Generation $675

  • Are Grandma and/or Grandpa in from out of town? Our 2 hour sessions will capture hugs, love, play, story time or whatever it is that they love to do best with their Grand babies.  
  • Includes two 16x20 wall canvases (one for your home and one for theirs) 

If we haven't covered it here, give us a shout and we'll put your ideas together for you!


All this really just means .... photography taking place in your favourite space authentically capturing personalities and memorable moments over a day or a special time. 

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