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praise & faq's

We LOVE your LOVE!

Susan Lefebvre

"I met Marcie when my daughter was 6 weeks old. I was so nervous about bring my colicky baby to her studio..what if all she did was cry, what if she needed a diaper, what if she was hungry....well....I have never been so welcomed and felt so comfortable with someone so quickly in my life! That day was the beginning of a wonderful journey with Marcie of capturing beautiful memories of my daughter and my little family. I always look forward to our time together and anxiously await my photo galleries like a little girl waiting for Santa on Christmas!! Marcie is an incredibly talented photographer and an incredible wonderful and loving lady. She is not only the person who makes me tear up when I see the beautiful memories she creates of my daughter, she has become a friend and I cherish that. She has taught me to 'exist in photos for my children' and I thank her for that-it is so important!! Thank you for being so wonderful Marcie...I truly appreciate it :)"

Sandell family

"Marcie has a way with young kids that puts them at ease. She got our daughters so comfortable and got such beautiful pictures that we shall cherish forever! We are already looking forward to our next family photo session with Marcie! Keep it up Marcie!"

Minnie & john

"Marcie is like the fairy god-mother of photography. Anything you ask for (short of making the rain go away) she makes it happen. She literally turned our wedding day into a series of beautifully captured moments. Every picture is just stunning. You can tell from the pictures that it took an artistic eye and a lot of work was put into producing them. We're probably going to go broke trying to blow up all the pictures because we can't decide on just a few--they're all

Shannon & Dave Salt

"Thank you again for everything, it was fantastic to get to work with you. You're an awesome person and a great photographer. Looking forward to our 1 year family photos with you! Stay in touch and thank you once again for the amazing photos you have given us to keep forever."

Shannon Johnson

"We loved having our photo shoot with Marcie! It was very convenient for us that Marcie came to our city so we didn't have to travel far with our baby. Marcie was both professional as well as a lot of fun. I'm not very creative, so it was very helpful that Marcie came equipped with her own props and ideas for photos. She was also very accomodating with my requests and ideas throughout the photo shoot, but was able to adjust and make suggestions to capture that perfect shot. I would recommend Marcie Costello Photography to friends and family. Thank you again Marcie! I look forward to working with you again after my second baby is born!"



Technical Stuff

Having many lenses to choose from is my secret to ensuring that I have covered all the angles and perspectives I need without interfering with your intimate moments.

I use the following gear; Canon 5D Mark ll and a back up Canon 5D Mark l with a variety of lenses including a 70-200mm, 16-35mm, 24-105mm, 24-70mm, 85mm prime and a 50mm prime.


How long until our photos are ready?

Your proof photos will be fully retouched and ready 3-4 weeks after your photo event. All print orders will be ready 2-3 weeks from the date of order. If you would like to order a custom photo album, they are normally ready within 3-4 weeks from date of order.

Reprints generally take 2-3 weeks for processing and delivery.


Do you have a studio?

Yes. We have a very pretty natural light studio which is used mostly for newborns, maternity, small children, head shots and product shots. 


Will my photos be in high resolution? 

All of your photos will be personally and professionally retouched. We do not outsource to a third party whatsoever.


Can you guarantee all of the poses I want? 

During our preliminary meeting, I will provide you with a Wish List of poses for you to select from. I normally recommend variations of up to fifteen posed shots with the remainder being candid and imitate moments throughout the wedding.

I will make your wish list my priority, but considerations such as weather, lighting, and people do impact the outcome of the final images. I will do my best to ensure that all poses are taken. 


Are you available outside of Canada? 

YES! I am often available for destination weddings and photo shoot events across Canada and world wide. These shoots are quoted on an individual basis. These events should be booked at least six months in advance to ensure date availability. We limit our destination weddings and events to 3 or 4 per year. 


Are you available for charity work? 

Yes. We have a certain number of annual hours we donate to charity events each year. I enjoy getting involved in charity projects as long as my schedule allows for it. We participate in several fundraising events throughout the year and also host our own during the holidays. 

I believe with all my heart that giving of yourself in any means you can, is the least we can do in this world. I love connecting with people on all levels, and take from these experiences the appreciation of selflessness and the value in contributing to something that is far greater than I. 

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