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about your session

About your session

We will communicate prior to your session to discuss your needs and and book the right type of session for you, decide on a location as well as timing. 

Your session will take place as scheduled.

Within a few days, 'Teasers' will be posted on Social Media for your anxious anticipation, however for any children that we photograph, we firmly believe NOT tagging you or posting their names as they are minors and I am a Mom. Privacy and respect is our priority regardless of it's marketing benefit. Please feel free to tag yourself if you are comfortable to share with family and friends, otherwise your 'Teasers' are just a way to view your session sooner.  

Your images will go into post production for the retouching phase. Depending on the type of session and time of year, this can take several weeks. 

You will receive an email from me letting you know your images are complete and we will discuss your order process from fine art prints and albums to dvds and canvases. 


Prep Tips:

Newborn Sessions

Having your newborn photographed within the first 3-10 days is essential to the outcome of your portraits. Your new baby will have a more successful session if he/she is within this age bracket, which will allow for more sleepy and posable photos. We do not photograph newborn babies over ten days old for this reason. We suggest booking your newborn session several months in advance, of course with the understanding that timing may change depending on your delivery. 

The morning of your Newborn Session, you will help to prepare your bundle of love by ensuring that diapers and socks are kept lose to minimize lines around the waist and ankles. You can also moisturize your baby to minimize the dry newborn skin in the first few days. 

You are more than welcome to bring along a sentimental item or two. Perhaps it is your little one's first pair of shoes or an heirloom blanket? We will include them in your portrait session. 

Most importantly, please bring a hungry baby to our studio. You can comfortably feed your new bundle in the studio and we will get him/her as sleepy as possible for his/her photo session. 

Mom and Dad, if you wish for a family portrait or two, please ensure that your wardrobe is solid print and not patterned as it will fair well in your images. Any siblings that wish to be included in these portraits are more than welcome. Consider nap time when booking your session and bring along a few snacks to keep your munchkin happy while waiting for his/her newborn siblings portraits to be taken.

If you're considering visiting a 3D ultrasound clinic, we highly recommend Tiny Hearts 3D Ultrasound Studio in Oakville, Ontario. We work closely with them and together, with many residents of the Cities of Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Hamilton, Milton and beyond. 

Family, Sibling & Engagement Sessions

Ensure that you have booked your session around your little one's nap time so we have happy children in your images. Bring along a couple of snacks for your children as well. You are welcome to bring along a change of outfit as we do have a changing area. Mom and Dad, please ensure that your wardrobe is solid print and not patterned. 

It's always best to coordinate your wardrobe for Engagement Sessions. That doesn't mean you have to match each other, however you can wear complementary colours. If your session is outdoors and in the spring or summer, it's best to avoid wearing white. 


Head Shots

Number one priority - be yourself. Ensure that however you wish to be perceived in your business portrait, is exactly how you come into my studio, forget all the rules of photography you may have heard.

If you need suggestions because you're interested in building up your professional presentation, we are happy to contribute! Men, you are best to stay in solid colours, medium to dark in shade. Consider your tie as being a central focal point so be sure not to take away too much attention from your face. Women, bright, bold and on-trend colours work well, being sure to avoid patterns would be your only hard rule. Hair and make up should be done before you arrive, however you are welcome to touch up once you are here. Please bring along a few accessories and even a change of outfit so we can work together in creating the best look. 





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